State e-Governance award 2015

e-Aushadhi, developed by CDAC, Noida won the State e-Governance award on 11-Feb-2013 in Jaipur

The e-Aushadhi was implemented in Rajasthan Medical Service Corporation (RMSC) to provide a complete supply chain management solution for the drugs under the Chief Minister's scheme of providing free medicines to all patients under "MukhyamantriNishulkDawaVitranYojna". The scheme was launched by the Government of Rajasthan on October 2, 2011 and it has been implemented in all 33 districts of the state. It provides drug management service to all district drug warehouses (DDWs) of Rajasthan, medical colleges, hospitals, community health centers (CHCs), primary health centers (PHCs), and drug distribution centers (DDCs) from where drugs are issued to patients, the final consumers in the chain.

The e-Aushadhi being an integral part of the scheme helped to in create the number of patients tremendously. Currently RMSC is able to provide drugs to 230000 patients a day.With the help of e-Aushadhi application, RMSC is able to continue involve effectively in procurement and distribution of large amount of drugs. The complete procurement and supplies management is handled by the headquarter office in Jaipur. RMSC has 34 DDWs, one in each district and two for Jaipur. Essentially these sub-stores are the exclusive drug stores for each hospital. From these sub-stores, drugs are finally issued to the free DDCs. Currently RMSC has 14,500 DDCs. The supply chain has been developed keeping in mind that the entire population of Rajasthan should have access to essential drugs in all government institutions.