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hyPACK-2013 : Mode-1 (Multi-Core Processors) Laboratory : Topics

Topics dealing with all practical and experimental aspects of various programming paradigms are considered and example programs are made available to the participants in the laboratory session. The hyPACK-2013 Mode-1 programme is aimed to understand the practical aspects of performance enhancement through software multi-threading on Multi-Core Processors focusing on thread Programming, Performance tuning aspects, System Overview of Threading, Software tools, and Memory Allocators from application point of view.

Participants will get an opportunity to walk-through and execute some of the programs designed for Mode-1 of this workshop. To understand scalability and performance of selective scientific and engineering or commercial applications, minor or substantive modification of the hyPACK-2013 software programs may be required. Efforts are on to include State-of-the-Art Multi-Core Processor Systems as well as GPU based Servers in hyPACK-2013 Laboratory in order to understand performance issues for large scale application kernels.

Mode-1 (Two days): Performance - Multi-Core Processors - Software Threading

  • Multi Core Processors - An Overview of Architecture & programming environment
  • Software Multi-threading & System Overview of threading
  • Parallel Processing - An Overview of Programming (MPI, POSIX Threads, Intel TBB, OpenMP)
  • Tuning & Performance: Code Optimization for Performance; Compiler Switches
  • Tuning & Performance: An Overview of Math Kernel Libraries on Multi-Cores
  • Tuning & Performance: An Overview of Out-of-Core Libraries on Multi-Cores
  • System and Application Benchmarks and Multi-Threaded I/O Suites on Multi-Cores
  • Performance Issues of Intel Thread Building Blocks (TBB): Memory Allocators on Multi-Cores
  • Performance Issues of OpenMP 3.X & Pthread Programming on Multi-Cores
  • Performance Issues of MPI 2.X & MPI I/O on Multi-Cores
  • Comparative Performance analysis - OpenMP 3.X, Intel TBB, Pthread Programming, Java Concurrent APIs
  • An Overview of Application Level tuning - Intel Software Tools & Open Source Software tools
Laboratory Session Mode-1 (Two days)
  • Programming exercises for Numerical and Non-Numerical Computations based on MPI, Pthreads, OpenMP, Java Concurrent APIs, & Mixed programming
  • Numerical Computations (Dense Matrix Computations, Sparse Matrix Computations), Non-Numerical Computations (Sorting & Search algorithms)
  • Example programs on Compiler Optimizations - Tuning & Performance issues on Multi-Core Processors
  • Tuning & Performance - Math Kernel Libraries on Multi-Cores, Producer & Consumer Models
  • Tuning & Performance - Selective Application Kernels & System Benchmarks on Multi-Core Processors
  • Demonstration of Software tools on Multi-Core Processors (Thread Profiler, Thread Checker, Thread Performance Analyzer, Memory Allocators)