OPECG-2009 feedback

The participants have been encouraged to send suggestions and information related to the material in the soft-copy of proceedings to OPECG-2009 technology workshop coordinator, preferably by electronic mail to hpcfte@cdac.in.

The OPECG-2009 organizers would like to encourage those participants interested in sharing their ideas, on technical presentations, codes, important information, web-page contents, technical programme details on this. We welcome ideas, opinions, critiques, and new parallel processing workshop programme and your views on Hands-on session.

Distinguished faculty members, Scientists from Research & Development Organizations of India, Graduate Students, and Research Scholars, Software processional experts from IT private sector attended the OPECG-2009 technology workshop. Approximately 150 participants attended these workshops, which include IIT-Madras research scholars. The important aspects of participant’s feedback are indicated below.

  • The OPECG-2009 was aimed for beginners & medium level of users for Multi-Core Programming & GPU programming.
  • The OPEG-2009 workshop met expectations of most of the participants and the workshops course contents were satisfactory.
  • The participation of IT- Private Sector Companies (NVIDIA, AMD, HP, Intel) was excellent.
  • The hands-on in Laboratory sessions is very good and sessions on code walk through for specific applications can be included focusing on performance aspects.
  • The participants suggested that the interaction sessions with faculty members, IT industry experts during the laboratory session could be enhanced.
  • The participants felt that more number of lectures and laboratory sessions can be devoted to Software tools on Multi-Core processors & GPUs.
  • The participants suggested that more number of applications should be demonstrated based on programming on Multi-Core Processors and GPU programming..
  • The participants suggested that the technology workshop on emerging areas of parallel processing such as Multi-Core processors, GPU Computing & Hybrid Computing could be aimed to for applications in Scientific and Engineering.