PCAMS-2014 Hands On Session


PCAMS-2014 Hands-on Sessions (HoS) will be conducted on Multi-Core processor Systems with GPUs and HPC GPU Cluster. The approach adopted to parallel & heterogeneous programming for Data Intensive application kernels and numerical linear algebra on hybrid computing systems ( HPC GPU Cluster) is discussed below. The complete programme is divided into five parts as Mode-1, Mode-2, Mode-3, Mode-4 & Mode-5

IIT Bombay CUDA Centre for excellence (CCOE)

CCOE has setup hybrid computing systems based on CUDA enabled NVIDIA GPU's.. The Centre has a High Performance Computing Message Passing Cluster (HPC) with CUDA enabled GPU's for Hands-On Session.

C-DAC HPC Cluster with Coprocessors / GPUs

Type : HPC GPU Cluster with NVIDIA GPUs
Host-CPU : Intel Xeon Quad Core
Device GPU : NVIDIA Fermi Multi GPUs
Prog. Env : CUDA/OpenCL - NVIDIA GPUs; CUDA SDK/APIs; PGI Accelerator

Peak performance (in double precision) of HPC GPU Cluster with one node having Single CUDA enabled NVIDIA GPU is 615 Gflop/s

Host-CPU (Xeon)
  • One Intel Xeon 64bit Quad Core (X5450 processor series (Harpertown Processor) with two PCI-e 2.0 x16 Slots; RAM-16 GB; Clock Speed : 3.0 GHz; Cent OS 5.2; GCC Version 4.1.2; Dual Socket Quad Core (6 Processors or cores)

  • Intel MKL version 10.2, CUBLAS version 3.2, Intel icc11.1 Peak Performance : CPU : 96 Gflops (1 Node - 8 Cores)

  • One Tesla K20 (Kepler) with 5 GB of GDDR5 on-board memory; Clock Speed 2.6 GHz, CUDA 6.0 Toolkit

  • Reported theoretical peak performance of the Tesla K20 is 1.17 Tflops/s in double precision.

  • Reported theoretical peak of the Tesla K20 is 3.52 Tflops/s in single precision.