Gridhra is a web based debugger and visualization tool for parallel applications on the Grid. Designed specifically to meet the scalability and heterogeneity concerns in a grid, this tool offers a unified interface for performing both correctness and performance debugging of grid-enabled parallel applications. Deployed as a web tool, Gridhra frees the user from the hassles of remote debugging and performance visualization of such applications. With a feature-rich graphical user interface, Gridhra masks all the complexities involved in debugging distributed applications.



Debugger Features

  • Caters to the heterogeneity of the resources on the grid
  • Offers a rich GUI wizard for masking all the intricacies involved in generating the job description and submitting it.
  • Supports Source Level Debugging of MPICH-G2 applications.
  • Supports logical grouping of processes for issuing debugging commands collectively.


Visualizer Features

  • Provides a visual depiction of the application flow, in coherence with the source code.
  • Offers a comprehensive, visual depiction of the Call Graph sequence of the application, along with the time spent in each routine.
  • Provides a Time Line representation of the communication events in the application.
  • Provides communication -computation breakup, both process-wise and application-wise.
  • Highlights the frequently used calls and time spent in each of them.


Future Enhancements Planned

  • Debugging and visualization of FORTRAN MPI Applications
  • Debugging and profiling of Serial Applications written in C and FORTRAN
  • Debugging session from first executable statement in both serial and parallel programs developed using FORTRAN and C.
  • Detection of Deadlocks in programs, arising from improper use of MPI calls. (FORTRAN and C



Supported Environment IBM AIX, Solaris and Linux Clusters individually or collectively forming the Grid, with GLOBUS Toolkit as the middleware, MPICH-G2
User Interfaces GUI
Supported Languages C
Prerequisite Softwares Java Plugin for the browser