Health Care Knowledge System

Brief Description

The objective of the product is to provide ICT enabled resources for promoting public health awareness and education for empowering public with health care knowledge. Web enabled Concept Maps based Health Care Knowledge System has been developed / updated as per various States Medical College & Hospitals and Directorate of Health Services needs and advices. The Semantic Network - enabled health care knowledge system provides organized healthcare knowledge towards quick understanding of disease symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, diets and prevention. Thousands of pages of medical, healthcare information have been transformed into about 350 pages of semantic networks and concept maps showing important health objects and their inter-relationships. This eHealth solution aims for faster knowledge dissemination and understanding. People won't get tired of reading lines of text as found in the traditional web content or e-books with easier navigation among the various complex concept maps for at-a-glance understanding of Health issues. The eSymptomChecker helps to identify possible diseases based on given symptoms.

Main uses and domain

Health Awareness for Citizens, Health Workers and Health Professionals through Web and Mobile. Domain: eHealth, Health Awareness and Public Health Education for Preventing Diseases.

Features and Technical Specifications

The web-enabled Semantic Network based Health Care Knowledge System consists of networks of health concepts. Such initiative is the first of its kind in India to have organized knowledge through hundreds of knowledge graphs on important health topics along with images for quick understanding of symptoms, prevention, treatment, knowledge related to Key points to Stay-Healthy, Causes-Symptoms-Healing, Human Body's Organ Systems, Vitamins, Minerals, Diseases related to Aging, Heart, Rheumatoid, Allergy, Asthma, Pneumonia, Emphysema, Back Pain, Broken Bones, Burns, Cancer, Children, Eye Problem, Family Planning, Fever, Malnutrition, Stomach, Liver, Thyroid, Worm, Mental, Poisoning, Problem by Birth, Serious Sicknesses, Skin, Sexual Contact, Teeth-Gums, Women, Mother, Baby etc.
Technical Specifications: Open Source Software/ Tools for Knowledge Representation, Knowledge Graphs and Concept Maps.

Platform required(if any)

Web Server, Web Browser, Mobile Browser, Optional: Touch Screen Kiosk, Digital Photo Frame, Large Format Display, Tablet

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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Shri Goutam Kumar Saha , Associate Director, Head, Software Technology Group
E-mail: goutam[dot]saha[at]cdac[dot]in