Sushrut Diet Kitchen

Diet Kitchen

The functionality of the kitchen module is to manage the patients' meal services. This module depends on the In-patient module. The diet can be prescribed only to the In-patients.

Salient Features:

  • Meal Scheduling: A day wise menu scheduling for the patients can be entered. This schedule can be reviewed according to the changes prescribed. By default, the meal of the previous day is scheduled for the patient. However if the diet is to be changed, diet scheduling can be used to make the required changes. The changes made, are followed for all the subsequent days till further changes are made. This option is also used for changing the already prescribed diet to the patient.
  • Meal Cancellation: If a patient is discharged or ceases to exist due to his/her demise, the diet cancellation can be used to annul the diet prescribed for that patient. However a cancellation can be done only within 24 hours of the discharge of the patient. After 24 hours the diet cannot be canceled.
  • Diet Requisition Slip: This option is able to generate a ward wise statement of the diet required by each patient. This can be printed from the diet kitchen. Once printed in the morning (configurable) it will print the patients diet requirement for the next 24 hours.
  • Diet Cancellation Report: This generates the list of the diet that has been canceled during the past 24 hours. On the basis of this, the kitchen staff can alter the quantity of diet that has to be prepared.
  • Late Admission Report: This is prepared for those patients who are admitted after the diet is prescribed. Once the diet is prescribed, the diet kitchen will print it just before the diet is given to the patients.
  • Therapeutic Diet: The diet kitchen will print the therapeutic diet details prescribed by the dietitian to different patients.

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