Sushrut Blood Bank

Blood Bank

The Blood Bank is one of the major components of a hospital, concerned with various related activities including donor registration, physical examination, blood grouping, blood infectious tests, component separation, blood requisition and cross match.

The Blood Bank module provides ready information about blood reserve/stock, daily cross-matched details, total daily blood requisitions and information regarding blood and donor.

The Blood Bank module closely interacts with In-patient Management, Operation Theatre, Billing, and Out-patient Management.

Salient features:

  • Donor Registration at Hospital Premises: Records the demographic details and the frequency of donation of the donor by a donor at the hospital.
  • Donor Registration at Camps: Records the demographic details and the frequency of donation by a donor, at the camps, organized by the hospital.
  • Physical Examination: Records the test reports of the donor.
  • Donation Cancellation: This allows cancellation of the patients/ donors who are not fit for donation.
  • Bag Number and Donor Number Generation: Generates a Donor number and the unique bag number for every donor and the blood bag respectively.
  • Cell/Serum Grouping: Allows grouping the blood, depending on the different values entered by the technician for different tests.
  • Cell/Serum Validation: Helps validate the results entered by the technician and to rectify them, if wrongly entered.
  • Serology test entry: Allows, entering the result for the entire serology test done on blood.
  • Serology test validation: Helps validate the results entered by the technician and rectify them, if wrongly entered.
  • Component Separation: Allows separating the components from the blood.
  • Component Requisition: Facilitates raising a requisition from any of the wards or from the hospital premises itself.
  • Cross match: Facilitates the issuing of blood to the patients for whom the requisition has been raised.
  • Acceptance of unconsumed bags: This helps in receiving back the unused blood from the patient whom it was issued, if it is in proper condition.


The following reports can be generated as part of this module:

  • List of Condemned blood bags
  • Donor List reports on any criteria
  • Cell/ Serum/ Serological report
  • Accepted Blood Requisition report
  • Report on Blood component stock
  • Blood Component List report
  • Report on all expired blood bags

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