Sushrut Out-patient Management

Out-patient Management

The out-patient module deals with recording the basic medical treatment details required for the patient. It consists of the following parts:

  1. Bay Management:
    This module depends on the Registration module for the patient's demographic data.

    This module includes the following modules:
    • Appointment module for scheduling of patient and test appointments.
    • Investigation module for requisition of investigations and report viewing.
    • In-patient module for bed allotment.

    Salient features:
    • Paging and Checking of patients in the bay.
    • Appointment scheduling of patients (normal and investigations).
    • Printing of investigation requisition forms.

  2. Patient Visit Creation and maintenance:
    • Creation of sessions and recording of complaints and history.
    • Creation of visit and recording of clinical summary, provisional diagnosis, drugs, diets and Problem Oriented Medical Records.
    • Raising Investigation requisition.
    • Viewing of reports of tests for which results have been entered.
    • Printing of reports (visit record, investigation reports etc.).
    • Allotment of beds for patients to be admitted.
    • Appointment Scheduling (normal and investigations).
    • Closing of treatment session and recording of final diagnosis.
    • Making OPD summary and printing it.
    • Printing all pending investigation reports for a patient till date.
    • Facility to print duplicate investigation reports.
    • Printing a report on the total number of old patients handled during a period.

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