Sushrut In-patient Management

In-patient Management

The In-patient module commences when the patient is being allotted a bed in the ward. It deals with the complete treatment of the patient during his/her stay in the hospital. This module interacts with the OPD, Billing, Investigation, OT and pharmacy modules. This module depends on the OPD module for admission details.

This module is integrated with the following modules:

  • Billing module for admission advance and discharge settlements.
  • Investigation module for requisitions and report viewing.
  • Pharmacy module for requisition of drugs and consumables.
  • Operation Theatre Module for requisitioning operations

Salient Features:

  • Bed Allotment:
    This module can be invoked from the OPD module and keeps track of available beds in the wards. It blocks a bed for a given patient. If payment for that bed is not made, the same module can be used to de-allocate the bed.

  • Inter-departmental Consultation:

    • Sends request to other departments for comments on the patient's specific problems
    • Keeps track of the status of each request (whether sent, received, accepted or rejected).

  • Transfer of patient between wards and beds:
    In case an inter-department consultation is sent and the consulting department feels that the patient needs to be transferred to their department, then using this module, the patient's details are transferred to the new department.
    This module can also be used to transfer the patient to a new bed in the same department.

  • Requisition of drugs and consumables from the pharmacy:
    A request for drugs and consumables is sent online to the pharmacy counters for drugs and consumables required for the patients admitted in the wards.

  • Raising investigations and report viewing:
    An investigation requisition is raised for patients admitted in the ward.
    Sample collection and assignment of unique sample numbers is also facilitated through this module.
    Viewing and printing of reports for tests whose results have been entered is done through this module.

  • Maintenance of billing sheets for patients:

    • Automatic maintenance of all expenses incurred by the patient.
    • Automatic scrutiny of the credit limit available to the patient in the hospital accounts.
    • In case the amount is not sufficient, the module provides tools to ask for more amounts to be deposited in the patient account.
    • Printing of account statement showing each deposit and expense.

  • Discharge of patients:

    • Preparation of discharge summary.
    • Checking of patient accounts and conveyance of request for additional payment to billing counter if required.
    • Sending a request for refund to the billing counter if the patient's account shows a credit balance.
    • Reallocations of bed.
    • Sending patient records to the Medical Archives.
    • Reports like Ward Census, bed occupancy and others can be printed
    • Printing the complete discharge summary.
    • Report on the total number of discharges, death and the number of days spent by the patient in the hospital.

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