Sushrut Registration


Registration of the patient is the foremost activity in the overall Hospital Information System. Every patient who approaches a hospital has to get registered prior to getting any consultation, treatment, and investigations done from the hospital.

Registration of patients involves accepting certain general and demographic information about the patient. The patient is given a unique central registration number (CI No.). The Patient is also given a patient identification card, known as Registration Card.

Different categories of Registrations are:

  • Normal
  • Staff
  • Emergency
  • VIP/Senior Citizen

Normal registrations are done in the routine OPD timings. Emergency Registration is done for the patients who require immediate medical attention. The patients getting registered under this category are basically:

  • Out-patients whose unit is not working on that day
  • Medico-Legal Cases
  • Patients requiring immediate medical attention

Patients coming after the OPD hours also are registered as Emergency Patients. Staff Registration takes care of the registrations related to all the staff members of the hospital.

Input/Screen Interfaces:

  • Capturing Demographic Details: The Registration module captures the demographic details of the patient. A patient is assigned a unique 12 digit Central Identification Number.
  • Visit Creation for the Old Patients: Every time a patient visits the hospital after registering, the visit gets stamped.
  • Change of Department: This facility is provided to record the change of the department, in which the patient is registered.
  • Duplicate Card Printing: Since the OPD card tends to get filled there is a facility to reprint this card.
  • Modification Request: There is a provision to handle subsequent modification requests in registration data.

Reports/Graphical Output:

  • Printing of Normal OPD registration card
  • Printing of OPD register department wise
  • Printing a report on number of registrations department wise
  • Printing a report on number of total emergency registrations
  • Printing a report on number of registrations User wise
  • Cash collection department-wise on a daily basis
  • Cash collection user-wise on a daily basis

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