Decision Support Systems

Ayusoft - a Decision Support System for Ayurveda

AyuSoft is software developed with a vision to convert classical Ayurvedic texts into comprehensive, authentic, intelligent and interactive knowledge repositories with complex analytical tools. It supports Constitution (Physiological and Psychological) and Tissue Quality Assessment, Disease Diagnostics and Treatment, Diet and Lifestyle Advice, Personal Information Management System, Multimedia based Encyclopaedia and Textual and Graphical Analytical Reports.

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In line with the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations and the mandate of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM, India), C-DAC has developed iCare@home solution to empower households and even the rural populace having weak public health indices and infrastructure, with comprehensive knowledge of primary healthcare. iCare@home is a suite of Integrative healthcare informatics solutions with applications like risk predictors, symptoms analyzer and computer games. It is targeted to create health awareness among individuals and communities by Analysis, Prediction and Edutainment through holistic solutions for promotive health, disease prevention and primary care of diseases and symptoms. iCare@Home introduces health games which are a perfect blend of health education and entertainment for varied age-groups.

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