Wireless Digital Stethoscope Product

A Stethoscope is a diagnostic instrument used by various health care professionals to listen to the sounds of patient’s heart, lungs, abdomen, etc. It is an important tool for initial non-invasive examination of the patient. Careful listening of the sounds is imperative for detecting subtle manifestations of cardiac abnormalities. In order to facilitate this particular examination, CDAC-Mohali has developed a Wireless Digital Stethoscope.

Wireless digital stethoscope, enables listening to these body sounds very conveniently using wireless headphones. It is designed for electronically acquiring and processing acoustic signals for optimal cardiac auscultation.

The ergonomically designed chest piece is used to acquire sounds from body by placing it over the body part. The diaphragm of the stethoscope picks up the body sounds. It acoustically amplifies and directs it to the strategically positioned condenser microphone. The acquired signal is suitably amplified, filtered and digitised. Special care has been taken at several fronts to prevent ambient external noise from deteriorating the signal quality. The sound can be heard directly by using the wired headphones or relayed over the Bluetooth. The wireless Bluetooth headphones can be used to listen to the high quality sounds being relayed by the chest-piece. The sound signal can also be acquired on the smart-phone for real time display of Phonocardiography (PCG) signals.

The wireless digital stethoscope is designed in the shape of a mouse for convenient holding in the hand. The diaphragm is located at the base for easy placement on the body. A cover is provided to protect the diaphragm when the unit is not in use. The unit comes in blue coloured semi-transparent ABS with activated wireless connectivity. The switches and the LED indicators are very easy to use.

Wireless Digital Stethoscope

Salient Features

  1. Ergonomically designed handheld portable device.
  2. Diaphragm based pickup for auscultation.
  3. Sound output on wired headphones or Blue-tooth Headset.
  4. Excellent ambient noise immunity.
  5. Optimized for characteristic low frequency sounds by use of Advance filtering techniques enabling better cardiac diagnostic capabilities.
  6. Useful in monitoring barely audible sounds and murmurs of heart.
  7. Wireless transmission over Bluetooth, a first in industry.
  8. Supported by Mobile application in Symbian / Android to capture the wireless data and plot the graph of the acoustic signal
  9. Waveform can be stored for monitoring progress and/or transmitted for remote diagnosis in tele-care settings.
The technology has been successfully developed and is currently available for transfer. The terms of transfer are negotiable and notified separately. Once the transfer is completed the product shall be available for purchase directly from the transferee. Meanwhile, the unit is available in three models, directly from CDAC.