COPS Protocol Converter

COPS Protocol Converter

Brief Description

With the advent of the standard protocol and for coexisting of legacy SCADA System, a multiprotocol gateway is needed. The interoperability issues are of main concern. The COPS Protocol Converter is developed to achieve interoperability by converting standard or proprietary protocol to a suitable standard protocol. The COPS Protocol Converter uses the C-DAC Multi Agent Framework (CMAF) for self-healing from any logical port failures. This product has been developed in compliance to IEC 60870 standards. The software is also compatible with IPv6 communication.

Main uses and domain

  • Domain: Power Sector
  • Main use: Proprietary to Standard protocol converter

Features and Technical Specifications

  • The software is also compatible with IPv6 communication.
  • Conversion modules include:
    • IEC 60870 Part 5 – 101 (Serial) to IEC 60870 Part 5 – 104 (Ethernet – Ipv4/IPv6)

Platform required (if any): Server

Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Nagesh R, nageshr[at]cdac[dot]in
Aswath Rao, aswath[at]cdac[dot]in
Bindhumadhava, bindhu[at]cdac[dot]in