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TrueTraveller - Portable Forensic Field Kit

TrueTraveller v5.0 is a portable forensic kit and is a complete solution for performing digital forensics Seizure, Acquisition and Analysis. The kit includes a Laptop installed with digital forensics software tools and an integrated disk imaging hardware solution with battery backup. The kit can be easily carried out for on- location forensic investigations.


Data Acquisition

The kit includes an in-built hardware disk Imaging tool, TrueImager v4.0 capable of performing high speed data acquisition from SATA, IDE, USB, mini-SATA, micro-SATA hard disks and memory cards. The kit is capable of acquiring Mobile phones using Mobile Check Software and SIM card using SIMXtractor tool.


Image Verification and Destination Disk Sterilizing

The Imaging hardware tool performs hashing of source disk using MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 hashing algorithms, formatting and wiping of destination disk. It also provides image file write verification facility.

Strong Casing with efficient packaging

The unit is cased in a rugged, watertight carrying case which protects Laptop, Hardware tools, Software CDs and cables by providing individual permanently fitted carry pouches and trays for each component. The case has individual pouches for drives, tools and cables. The case has built-in connectivity ports for interfacing different storage media. The unit has specially designed areas for power distribution.

TrueTraveller kit can be carried to scene of crime for an onsite cyber forensic inspections and investigations. It helps the cyber forensic officer to start investigation at site.

Features and Technical Specifications

Platform required(if any)

Standalone unit.

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