Data Recovery & Analysis Tool

CyberCheck is a forensic data recovery and analysis tool to enable law enforcement officers to quickly and efficiently analyze digital evidence files. The tool has a very simple to use GUI which can be used by a novice user

Data Analysis

CyberCheck can analyze TrueBack Image, Encase Image and raw disk dumps. The tool can generate a detailed report on the analysis findings which is very handy for the investigating officers to submit it before the court of law. The tool can extract unallocated and disk slack areas, perform data carving on the entire image of slack areas and provides options to do analysis based on file hashes and file's signature.

File System Support

File Systems supported by CyberCheck includes FAT12/16/32,exFAT, NTFS, Linux EXT2/3/4 FS, UFS, CDFS, Sun Solaris, Reiser FS, Unix(Free BSD) and MAC. It also supports dynamic disks and Linux RAID disks.

Data Recovery

CyberCheck can recover deleted files/folders, deleted partitions and formatted data on a partition. All of these information can be added to the report to record the findings.

Powerful Search Facility

CyberCheck provides a plethora of search options for the investigating officer to ensure that he never misses any data. It has Multiple keyword search, GREP search, file search based on hash values, Unicode search to find the data in any language and Index-based search to quickly search through the huge data space.


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Cyber Check

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