Five-Day Certificate Course on Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

Date: 04 - 08 February 2019

Cyber Security & Cyber Forensics is one of the key thrust areas of R&D activity. C-DAC is focusing on developing solutions / products to fit into the Cyber security Ecosystem, in such a way that it can provide the needed expertise to various agencies at different levels of security architecture like biometrics, endpoint security, perimeter security, SCADA Security, Honeynets, web application security, malware detection & prevention solutions, unified threat management, wireless / mobile security and so on.

It offers services such as Information Security Consulting, Auditing and w.r.t. globally recognized and accepted standards such as ISO27001, Network Posture Assessment Services including Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Web Application Security Assessment, Information Security Awareness and Training.

About the Course: Five-Day Certificate Course on Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking


Increased Internet penetration for applications such as e-Governance, e-Commerce, e-Banking, digital payments, e-Learning, smart cities, etc. has resulted in an exponential rise in sophisticated attacks on Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. This has lead to Cyber Security as an important aspect to secure our computers and networks. Both government & industry are becoming the victims of cyber criminals, including companies working in security technology. Cyber Security is going to be a much more serious problem in the coming years. Hence, it becomes more important & essential to be aware of the challenges and methods to meet the new age attacks.

Course objective:

This course will provide an overview on Cryptography and Information Security, PKI and Digital Signature, IPv6 Addressing, Ethical Hacking, various attacks & countermeasures, Wireless & Wi-Fi Security, Viruses, Trojans, Spywares, Security Issues in Android, Cyber Forensics.

Target Audience:

Officials of State/Central Govt. departments, PSUs, Corporate, System / Network Administrators, Technical Officers, State & National Law agencies.


Knowledge of Computing & Internet


Participants will be limited to a maximum of thirty (30) seats and on first-come first-served basis only.


The course will be for five (5) days, followed by one day evaluation & certification (both written & Lab). Certification is not mandatory.


Course fee is Rs. 20,000/- + Rs. 5000/- (Evaluation & Certificate) per participant. Fee includes training material & refreshments.

How to Register:

URL for registration: http://cybersec.cdacb.in/Regform/

Course Contents (Theory Sessions)

Session 1.1 : Cryptography and Information Security - Intro / Symmetric & Assymetric Keys / Security threat & attacks / IT ACT perspective, policy of GOI
Session 1.3 : PKI and Digital Signature - Digital Signature Certificate / Authority / Trust model / Types / Classes / Lifecycle /eSign
Session 2.1 : Computer Network and IPv6 Addressing - Networking Fundamentals / Segmentation /TCP/IP Utilities / IPv6 Addressing / IPv6 Application / Services / IANA
Session 2.3 : INTRODUCTION TO ETHICAL HACKING - Ethical Hacker / Why Ethical Hacking / Terminology / Phases of Ethical Hacking / Information Gathering / Network Discovery / Various tools used for Scanning
Session 3.1 : BRUTE FORCE ATTACK & COUNTER MEASURES - Brute Force Attack / Types of Password Attacks / Denial of Service (DoS) / Types of DoS Attacks / Symptoms for DoS Attack / MAC Address Spoofing
Session 3.3 : DNS Hacking and Countermeasures - DNS Concepts and fundamentals / DNS Zones and Domains / DNS Hierarchy / Various Attacks on DNS Infrastructure
Session 4.1 : Wireless & Wi-Fi Security - Wireless Attacks and Threats / Wireless Protocols / Wi-Fi Weaknesses / Wireless Security / Configuration and Network Isolation
Session 4.3 : TROJAN, BACKDOOR & VIRUS and Android Hacking - Trojan, Backdoor & Virus / Tools Used / countermeasures / Password Crackers & Cracking Techniques
Session 5.1 : Cyber Forensics - Principles / Forensic Analysis / Registry Analysis / Forensic Thumbs.db
Session 5.3 : Memory Forensic - Live Forensic / Steganography / Network Forensics
Session 5.4 : Container Security - Concepts of Container / Docker Demonstration / Security Concepts
** Theory sessions will be followed by hands-on session


10.00 AM to 5.00 PM


Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
No. 68, 4th Cross, Electronic City Phase 1,
Hosur Road, Opp. BSNL Telephone Exchange
Bengaluru - 560 100
Telephone: +91-80-28523300

Contact Person:

Mr. Aswath Rao
Mobile No: +919449086827
Land Line: +91-80-66116545
email ID: aswath@cdac.in

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