Workshop on “Insights of Educational Data with Analytics”

Date: 19th September 2017, from 10.00 AM to 4.30 PM @ C-DAC Electronic City, Bengaluru

We are pleased to invite you for one day Workshop on Insights of Educational Data with Analytics on 19th September, 2017 at C-DAC Electronic City, Bengaluru.

Data Analytics is a process of transforming the raw data into useful information for better decision making. Educational data analytics is an evolving area and it has proved to be very effective for schools, teachers, students, parents and community in order to understand the trends and take some preventive and corrective measures.

Focus of the workshop is to introduce the fundamental concepts of Data Analytics in Education. It covers how various concept of learning analytics, academic analytics and social network analysis can be applied to enhance the education system. The sessions include expert lectures and demo of web based analytics platform to explain the concept of educational data analytics in detail. The participants will obtain an insight of power of analytics in education.

Details of the workshop are available in the brochure.

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Contact Person
Mr Jitendra Kumar, jitendra@cdac.in
080-28523300 (ext - 2501)
Ms Surabhi Dwivedi, surabhi@cdac.in
080-28523300 (ext - 2103)

Workshop Venue
C-DAC Electronic City
No. 68, Electronics City
Bangalore 560 100
Karnataka, India
Phones: +91-80-2852-3300
Fax: +91-80-28522590

Route Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Q3PaQNmGfN12