Data Science & Big Data Analytics (DSBDA’15) - National Workshop

Date: August 5-7, 2015
Venue: C-DAC, Bangalore


Data Science & Big Data Analytics have the potential to transform business in different sectors. Data-Driven approaches are adopted in all disciplines to get insights into data to analyze trends and for predictive maintenance. DSBDA'15 will walk the participants through the popular tools & technologies to handle big data, and various Machine Learning (ML) libraries for data analytics. Through this workshop, the participants can enrich their knowledge on Data Cleaning, Processing, Large-Scale Data Analysis using ML techniques, and real-time data Visualization. The workshop includes talks by experts, hands-on sessions and demonstrations.

You will learn:

  • Data Science & Big Data : Introduction and Context
  • Classification, Clustering Techniques and Recommender systems
  • Data mining Techniques
  • Data Processing using R-statistical tool
  • Data-driven decision-making and Real-time predictive analytics
  • Hadoop ecosystem: Introduction
  • Machine learning using Apache Mahout
  • Data Mining using RHadoop
  • Stream Analytics using Apache Spark
  • Query and Analysis using Apache Pig and HIVE
  • Data Visualization
  • Graph Analytics


  • Basic understanding of data science techniques.
  • Basic knowledge of programming in Java.

Who would benefit?

  • Prospective data scientists.
  • People from all walks, interested to learn data science concepts and big data tools & technologies.

Registration Closed:

Due to overwhelming Response, Registration for DSBDA'15 is Closed.

However you can mail ds15@cdac.in for any clarifications or to express your interest in attending future workshops!

For further information, contact:

Workshop Co-ordinator:

Mr. Mohit Ved
Big Data Analytics Team
System Software Development for HPC, Grid and Cloud (SSDH)
C-DAC, Bangalore

Contact Details:
Harinath G: +91-9743579795, +91-8066116436
Mohit Ved:+91-9980806400
Email: ds15@cdac.in

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