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abcd-2014 Hands On Session

abcd-2014 Hands-on Sessions (HoS) will be conducted on Multi-Core processor Systems with GPUs and HPC GPU Cluster. The Day-1 programme is designed to quickly adopt to MapReduce programmig on HPC Cluster. Partcipants may use basic programming APIs or fundamentals of host-cpu programming such as Pthreads, OpenMP, Intel TBB & PVM, OpenMP, MapReduce framework. The approach adopted to heterogeneous programming for Data Intensive application kernels and numerical linear algebra on hybrid computing systems ( HPC GPU Cluster) is discussed modules of( abcd-2014 ) are given below.

ABCD-2014 Laboratory Systems :
NIT Warangal HPC Cluster C-DAC HPC Cluster

The details of Laboratory Session Programs are given below.

Programming Paradigms

Prog. On shared Address Space Platforms :
OpenMP        POSIX Threads

Prog. On Message Passing Clusters :

MPI                 PVM

Prog. On Systems with Coporcessors / Accelerators :

CUDA              AMD APU OpenCL
OpenCL          Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor

Prog. On Distributed Computing Systems

Module1: Hadoop MapReduce          Module2: Iterative MapReduce

Module3: BIDA-2014