C-DAC, Pune (The Betatesting Group of NPSF, NPSF System Administrative Staff members, Scientific and Engineering Group, Bio-Informatics Group), C-DAC Hyderabd and IICT, CSIR laboratory, Hyderabad jointly conducted Post-Graduate Course titled “Advanced Course in Bioinformatics (ACB 2003)” at IICT-Hyderabad.

The Betatesting Group of NPSF, and NPSF System Administrative Staff members of C-DAC, Pune conducted the High Performance Computing Module Lectures and Hands-on PARAM 10000 for the Post-Graduate Course titled “Advanced Course in Bioinformatics (ACB 2003)” at C-DAC, Pune.

As a part of C-DAC and IICT mission efforts, the lectures on Parallel Computing and Hands-on Session on PARAM 10000 will give unique opportunity for Biologists and computer Scientists to get exposure to High Performance Computing and its use in Bioinformatics. By understanding the presentation material covered and the programs in the document titled Hands-on document as building blocks, scientists and engineers can piece together more complicated software tools that are tailored specifically for their needs in Bioinformatics on message passing cluster like PARAM 10000.

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