Four Days C-DAC Internal Training Programme
Hybrid Computing: Co-processors & Accelerators – Case Studies
C-DAC ACTS PUNE during September 24-27, 2013
CMSD, University of HYDERABAD during October 15-18, 2013


Summary of technical training programme :
Recognizing the evolving technology growth on multi-to-many core systems to solve Applications of C-DAC Projects, it is imperative for us to move up the value chain of technical training. In view of exposure to these areas is an essential and urgent requirement for our CDAC projects, our Director General Prof. Rajat Moona took initiatives and discussed with us to take-up this internal technical training programme. The HPC-FTE group seeks to enhance the knowledge quotient of C-DAC technical staff through internal training on above areas. The objective is to ensure that C-DAC members will equip with excellent problem skills on latest “Multi-to-Many-Core technologies for their Apps” that are being used in their projects and produce outstanding IT professionals to meet the target deliverables of C-DAC IT projects.

C-DAC technical staff whose projects require programming & performance on “Multi-to-Many-Core Processors” can avail this opportunity.

The HPC-FTE Group (Formally known as Betatesting Group, NPSF, C-DAC, Pune) of C-DAC, Pune, in collaboration with ACTS, Pune conducted four (4) days Internal Training on “Hybrid Computing: Coprocessors & Accelerators – Case Studies “(Era of Multi-to-Many Core Processors)” (CDAC-ITP-2013). The C-DAC staff from Pune, Mumbai, Noida, Mohali, Kolkatta can attend this programme. The venue is C-DAC ACTS, Pune and it is scheduled during the time period September 24 –27, 2013. The C-DAC staff from other centres can attend C-DAC-ITP-2013 which will be conducted at CMSD, U of Hyderabad during October 15-18, 2013. The C-DAC-ITP-2013 at Hyderabad is co-located with hyPACK-2013 programme.

For more information, Contact Email: hpcfte@cdac.in            
Workshop Co-ordinator :