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The Betatesting Group, C-DAC, Pune technical Staff have taken initiatives to design “ Parallel Computing Technical Training Programme and Grid Computing Training Programme” exclusively to build skill-set for C-DAC members on Parallel Processing &: Grid Computing technologies. The key objective of the (Tech. Trng. Prog.) is to help develop outstanding C-DAC IT professionals who are in touch with the latest technology updates on Parallel Processing &: Grid Computing areas, and are equipped with excellent problem skills by collaborating with the various institutions in India. To achieve objectives, the focus on HPC core areas like Programming on Multi-core Processors clusters to achieve performance of application kernels and Grid Computing technologies to enable applications has been identified.

The other areas of impetus to C-DAC’s R&D Programme and IT industry will be taken up in collaboration with other C-DAC Centres. The Betatesting Group, NPSF, C-DAC, Pune technical Staff designed complete parallel processing course-ware as an internal training programme focusing on Optimization techniques to achieve the best performance of Parallel Programs on Message Passing Clusters. The objective is to get exposure to different programming paradigms such as Pthreads, OpenMP and MPI, Compiler optimization techniques,effective use of Mathematical libraries and understand the tuning &: optimization techniques to extract the best achieved performance for numerical linear algebra kernels and application kernels in the problem domain of Science &: Engg. and Information sciences .

C-DAC’s past experience on design, develop and deploy message passing clusters (PARAM Series) as well as grid computing (GARUDA)systems have been taken as a foundation for design of this courseware. Also, the available literature on parallel processing and grid computing which is published elsewhere is used to design this courseware on HPC and Grid computing technologies. Dr.VCV.Rao and his group members designed this course-ware in collaboration with experts of C-DAC as well as other experts who work on HPC areas.

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