Brief Description

e-Sushrut C-DAC’s Hospital Management Information System is a major step towards adapting technology to improve healthcare system. HMIS incorporates an integrated computerized clinical information system for improved hospital administration and patient healthcare. It also provides an accurate, electronically stored medical record of the patient. A data warehouse of such records can be utilized for statistical requirements and for research. The real time HMIS streamlines the treatment flow of patients and simultaneously empowering workforce to perform their peak ability, in an optimized and efficient manner. It is modeled on the unique combination of a patient centric and medical staff centric paradigm, this providing benefits to both the recipients and the providers of healthcare. It ensures dramatic improvement in performance along with reducing the costs. HMIS can be customized for a variety of hospitals such as medium size clinics, large sized hospital which could be Government Hospitals, Super Specialty Hospitals or Private Hospitals.

Main uses and domain

Domain: Health Informatics
Main Users: Medium size clinics, large hospitals which could be Government Hospitals, Super Specialty Hospitals or Private Hospitals.

Features and Technical Specifications

Salient Features

Technical Specifications

The system architecture is based on three-tier architecture with the following details of each layer:

Tier-I: Database Server

Tier-II: : Middle Tier Servers based on Application Server that facilitates seamless integration of business logic in multiple layering architecture including presentation layer, business layer and data layer using J2EE technologies like Java Servlets, Web Services etc.

Tier-III: Client interface so designed shall be user-friendly GUI based system developed using Java Applets and Java Beans.

The system has capabilities accessing data through Intranet or Internet through a standard Browser Application (Mozilla Firefox) to make it a truly web enabled solution. The solution architecture is designed to operate between two sites – viz. - Data centre at C-DAC and Intranet of systems set up in the beneficiary hospitals.

Platform required(if any)

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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information
Rajiv Yadav
Associate Director
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Fax: 0120-2063317
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