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ShrutLekhan-Rajbhasha, a Hindi speaker independent, continuous speech recognition system is a milestone in the Speech technology that enables a machine to recognize human speech (Hindi) and provide an output in Hindi Unicode. This project has been developed by Applied AI Group, C-DAC, Pune for Department of Official Language [DOL], Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Recognizer improves recognition through the use of grammar (Language Module), which defines the vocabulary and syntax.
The user communicates with the application through the appropriate input device i.e. a microphone. The Recognizer converts the analog signal into digital signal for the speech processing. A stream of text is generated after the processing.

Main uses and domain

Govt. department and employees & Individuals

Features and Technical Specifications

Features of the system: Technical Specifications:

Platform required(if any)

Windows operating system (Vista, 7, 10)

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