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Ubimote is a System on Chip based Low Power and Medium range RF communication module compliant to IEEE802.15.4 supporting a maximum transmitting power of +7 dBm. Ubimote supports application development platforms like Contiki OS, Zigbee and custom stacks.


BLE mote

BLE mote is a system on chip based device for Bluetooth Low Energy based applications. This mote is compliant to the Bluetooth 4.0 standards with Low Energy Profile support.


Wi-Fi mote

It is based on Wi-Fi Certified wireless MCU with built-in Wi-Fi protocol stack targeted for Internet of Things (IoT). The maximum RF transmitting power is up to +18dBm. For the application development Free-RTOS and TI-RTOS can be easily integrated.


WINGZ (Wireless IP Network Gateway for Zigbee)


Add-on cards


Ubi-Sense is a generic sensor board having the following listed sensors.


All the sensors can be interfaced with microcontroller via I2C bus. It contains additional I2C connector for connecting external I2c compliant sensors to the communications modules. Ubi-Sense mates with all three Ubimote, BLE mote and Wi-Fi mote through their expansion connector and sensor interface libraries are available for all the communication modules


Ubi-DAQ is a data acquisition card which contains peripherals like ADC, RTC, IO expander and Relay. All the peripherals can be interfaced with microcontroller via I2C bus. Each peripheral on Ubi-DAQ has unique I2C address. This card provides additional analog and digital IO capability to the communications modules for connecting more number of sensors


Optional/ Additional systems


The C-Mote is a Wireless communication module designed with a robust RF front end and highly flexible power management system.



This mote is a high range variant of Ubimote supporting a maximum RF trasmit power of +20 dBm.

Wireless accelerometer and wireless T& RH sensor

These two modules are dedicated sensor embedded Zigbee modules of tiny size and operate with a small battery as power source. These modules come with debug connector and embedded sensor on a communication module in a tiny size.