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Indian language to Indian language machine translation system

Indian Language to Indian Language machine translation plays an important role in the larger Speech to Speech Machine Translation in the Indian context. The objective of the project aims to develop Machine Translation systems. Following are the major aims and scope for the project with respect to translation.    

  1. To bidirectional Hindi-Kannada machine translation system.
  2. Domain adapt the systems for the Health and Governance
  3. To create parallel corpora (Hindi-Kannada)
  4. To create standard benchmarks (metrics and data) for testing the tools, MT systems and the post editing effort for the task of translation
  5. To develop tools and technologies for automatic POS tagging, chunking, morph annotation.

Use Cases
  • Bidirectional Hindi-Kannada machine translation system.
  • Parallel and monolingual corpora for training AI models
  • Domain dictionaries
  • Tools- Automatic Part of speech tagging, chunking, morph annotation and dependency annotation.
  • Standard benchmark data for testing tools, MT systems

Chief Investigator Details

Mr. Annarao Kulkarni