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NAYAN (Network Abhigam niYantrAN) - End point authentication and access control solution

NAYAN addresses the access control and authentication requirements of a local area network. NAYAN controls the access to different network services at the end system level, protecting internal network from rapidly propagating threats and network misuse. NAYAN unifies End System Authentication, Desktop Firewall with Centralized Administration, Automatic Policy Updating and Role Based Access Control.

The primary objective of NAYAN is to ease the Enforcement of Network Access Control Policies at the end systems in the network. NAYAN having the feature Centralized & Remote Administration helps the administrator, control access to network services and to monitor from anywhere in the network. NAYAN supports Automatic Policy Updating feature, which time-to-time pushes policies specific to each end system. NAYAN has a unique way of authenticating an end system based on the Machine Fingerprint generated from various system parameters CPU, OS, Hard disk, Network and RAM details. NAYAN blocks port scanning and also unwanted traffic flowing across end systems. Role Based Access Control ensures that only authorized personnel have access to configuration and personal information. Policies for accessing the network services are defined based on protocols (TCP, UDP, and ICMP), Source and Destination IP and ports, Roles assigned to the users and time of effect. A Desktop Firewall component of NAYAN enforces the Network Access Control policies at every end system. Network usage can be monitored by the NACS log, and the access to the end systems can be reviewed at every end system using the Activity log

Features of the solution are as follows:

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