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Multilingual & Heritage Computing

C-DAC has expertise in the design of VLSI Systems, ASIC IP development, microprocessor, microcontroller and DSP hardware and software technologies, which form the key building blocks in many industrial and strategic technology areas. C-DAC has designed, deployed and transferred manufacturing technology for numerous large scale electronics systems as well as small footprint VLSI and Embedded System Products for applications ranging from Supercomputing, Energy Measurement, Personal Computing, Medical appliances, Power and Process control, Wireless Broadband, Sonar and Acoustic detection, etc., for a range of verticals such as railways, steel, power generation, defense, health-care, police, broadcast media and many more. Transfers of Technology for large scale manufacturing have proved the commercial viability of these products time and again.

Multilingual Computing

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Heritage Computing

C-DAC has a well defined and understood vision, which C-DACians strive to achieve