Penetration Testing

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Penetration test offers an invaluable way to establish a baseline accessment of security as seen from outside the parameter of the organizations network. Penetration test provide evidence that Vulnerability do exist and that network penetrations are possible. More importantly, they provide blue print for remedial in order to start or enhance a comprehensive information protection strategy. Penetration test cases are divided into various sections which collectively test the information data control, security awareness level, fraud, social engineering control level, computer and communication network, wireless devices, physical security assess control, security processes.
A Penetration Test stimulates covert and prescribe network attack activities in order to identify specific exploitable Vulnerability and to expose potential entry mechanism to vital or senstive data that, if discovered and recieved by malicious individual, could force increased risk and liability to the organization, its executives and shareholders.

Penetration Test attempts to gain assess to the online assess and company resources through the network, server and desktops from the internal or external prospective, much like an intruder. Penetration Test results clearly articulate security issues and recommendations and there by creating a compelling reason for the entire management team if support security program.