Smartcard offers a secure and convenient platform for carrying digital information and credentials for identification and authentication of an individual. It also facilitates the storage of physical credentials like fingerprint, etc. on the same card. The card can be used for multitude of applications like e-commerce, access control, attendance, digitally signing documents, encryption of confidential information, storage of user specific information e.g., medical records, canteen bills, library usage, financial transactions , etc. Following are the 2 products.


SCOSTA CL Operating System

Smart card operating system developed by CDAC is compliant to SCOSTA (OS Standard for Smart Cards). The Operating System provides a mechanism for the exchange of information between the smart card and reader and interpretation of commands and data. It facilitates security using symmetric cryptography using DES and Triple-DES (3DES). It can communicate with contact as well as contactless interfaces using ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 protocols.

Salient Features:

SCOSTA PKI Operating system

PKI based Smart card operating system developed by CDAC called SCOSTA-PKI incorporates the PKI features like digital signatures, origin integrity, certificate verification, etc. over the SCOSTA CL operating system developed. It facilitates security using asymmetric cryptography using RSA. It also enables the generation of asymmetric key pair and tamperproof storage making it complaint with the Indian IT act. PKI features enhance the reliability and security against unauthorized access.

Salient Features:

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