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ONAMA is an integrated software and hardware solution for future Technocrats/ Engineers, providing them a platform for a Quantum leap to gain an in-depth understanding of High Performance Computing (HPC). This is an integrated package comprising of a well-selected set of parallel as well as serial applications of Scientific and Engineering domain, which are useful across various engineering disciplines.

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Background of HPC in Engineering Institutes in India

HPC in Engineering Institutes in India

Relevance of Onama in the Engineering Segment

HPC plays a vital role in almost all critical areas and considered as a medium to increase economic competitiveness of the nation. In India, HPC is at a developing stage with an acute shortage of HPC professionals. Today, there is a dearth of academic institutions teaching or using HPC. Factors like prohibitive costs, lack of support for adopting HPC and little awareness about importance of HPC plays a pivotal role here. Onama takes on these issues head-on. By providing flexibility in selection of HPC configuration, the user is given a control over the cost factor. This encourages institutions, which earlier avoided adopting HPC, to embrace HPC in totality. As a direct effect, the student/researcher is exposed to HPC at an early stage. Moreover, each HPC professional is capable of catalysing the process of spreading the HPC culture. Thus, when an increasing number of institutions adopt Onama, the right environment for producing HPC skilled manpower is created. In such a scenario, Onama is at the centre stage. The society is then poised to reap immense benefits from the proliferation of HPC technologies to all the strata of society.

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Target Beneficiaries

The target beneficiaries would be faculties, students and research scholars from various Engineering Colleges/ Polytechnics. It is expected that over a period of time, more engineering institutes shall adopt the culture of HPC through Onama. Approximate number of such institutes in India is 4,500.