Technology Conclave 2021 - Program Agenda

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Technology Conclave 2021


Day 1: July 28, 2021



11:00 - 11:05

Welcome Address

Col. A K Nath (Retd.) Executive Director (Corporate Strategy and C-DAC Pune)

11:05 – 11:15


Launch of PARAM BioEmbryo System by Secretary, MeitY

11:15 - 11:30

Presidential Address

Shri Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Secretary, MeitY

11:30 - 11:45

Inaugural Address

Dr Hemant Darbari, Director General, C-DAC

11:45 - 12:00

Special Address

Ms Jyoti Arora, Special Secretary & Financial Adviser, MeitY

12:00 - 12:15

Keynote Address

Dr Vijay Bhatkar, Chairman, C-DAC-TAC & Chancellor, Nalanda University

12:15 - 12:20


Inauguration of Exhibition by Member, NITI Aayog

12:20 - 12:35

Keynote Address

Dr V K Saraswat, Member, NITI Aayog

12:35- 12:45

Special Address

Shri Raj K Arora, Adjunct Professor, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune

12:45 – 12:55

Special Address

Prof. Rajat Moona, Director, IIT, Bhilai

12:55 – 13:05

Special Address

Dr B K Murthy, Scientist G (Group Coordinator), MeitY

13:05 – 13:15

Special Address

Dr Rajendra Kumar, Additional Secretary, MeitY

13:15 – 13:20

Vote of Thanks

Dr N Subramanian, Senior Director, Corporate (R&D)

13:20 - 14:30


Session I: Exascale Computing

Session Chair(s): Shri. S.A. Kumar, Scientist 'F' & HoD, HPC Division (MeitY) , Shri. Milind Kulkarni,

Head Department of Nano & Supercomputing Mission (DST)

14:30 - 15:00

Keynote address

Dr. Hemant Darbari, Director General, C-DAC

15:00 - 16:00


Panel Discussion

1.       Dr. Sunil D. Sherlekar, Chief Executive Officer, SankhyaSutra Labs Pvt Ltd

2.       Prof. Satish Vadhiyar, Chairman, SERC, IISc

3.       Dr. Amit Kesarkar, Scientist, National Atmospheric Research Laboratory

4.       Prof. Subodh Kumar, Professor, IIT Delhi

5.       Dr. Debasisa Mohanty, Scientist, National Institute of Immunology

16:00 - 16:15

Session Break

Session II : Microprocessor and Strategic Electronics

Session Chair(s): Shri. Arvind Kumar, Scientist G & Group Coordinator (MeitY), Ms. Sunita Verma, Scientist G,(MeitY)

16:15 - 16:45

Keynote address

Prof. Kamakoti. V, Technology Expert in National Security Advisory Board, Government of India and Professor in Computer Science Department, IIT Madras

16:45 - 16:55

Product Launch

DC charger for electric vehicles

16:55 - 17:45

Panel Discussion

1.       Dr. P H Rao, Scientist and Programme Director, SAMEER Kolkata

2.       Dr. Kaushik Saha, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering,  Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi, Ex CTO Samsung R&D India.

3.       Prof. A.K. Tripathy, Adjunct Professor, SIT-Bhubaneswar  (former DG, Central Power Research institute, Bangalore)

4.       Dr. Z.V Lakaparampil, Principal, Amal Jyothy College of Engineering

5.       Prof. Smruti Ranjan Sarangi, Associate Professor, CSE, IIT Delhi

17:45 -18:00

Session Break

Session III : Quantum Computing

Session Chair(s): Dr. B. K. Murty  Scientist G & Group Coordinator(MeitY), Dr. K R Murali Mohan

Head Department of Frontier and Futuristic Technologies (FFT) Division (DST)

18:00 - 18:30

Keynote address

Prof. Urbasi Sinha, Professor, Raman Research Institute

18:30 - 18:34


Signing of MoU between DIAT and C-DAC

Dr. G Satheesh Reddy, Secretary, Department of Defence R&D and Chairman, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

18:34 - 18:38

Shri. Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Secretary, MeitY

18:38 - 18:39

Dr. Hemant Darbari, DG, C-DAC

18:39 - 18:40

Dr. C.P. Ramanarayanan, Vice Chancellor, DIAT

18:40 - 19:30


Panel Discussion

1.       Shri. Manoj Kumar Parmar, Program Director, Robert Bosch Bangalore

2.       Dr. Mamta Khaneja, Scientist, SSPL, DRDO

3.       Dr. Santu Sardar, Director,  DYSL-QT, DRDO

4.       Prof. Arvind, Professor, IISER Mohali

5.       Dr. Ratna Dutta, Associate Professor, IIT Kharagpur

6.       Prof. R Raghavan, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Girinagar, Pune

International Conclave Tech Talk


Conclave Tech Talk

Prof. Laxmikant Kale, Research Professor & Paul and Cynthia Saylor Professor Emeritus , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA


Conclave Tech Talk

Mr. David Lecomber, Senior Director HPC & Tools , ARM


Conclave Tech Talk

Sabine Keravel, Product Manager, Quantum, ATOS and Xavier Geoffret , Pre-Sales, Head Quantum, ATOS


Day 2: July 29, 2021

Industry Track

Session Chair(s): Dr. Ajai Garg ,Sr. Director, ICD, (MeitY), Ms. Mita Karajagi, Senior Director, C-DAC


Expert Talk

Mr. Jean-Pierre Panziera, Chief Technology Director for Extreme Computing at Atos


Expert Talk

Dr. Robert W. Wisniewski,  Chief Software Architect for Extreme Scale Computing, Intel


Expert Talk

Mr. Gunter Roth, Solution Architect, NVIDIA, EMAE


Expert Talk

Mr. James Coomer, Sr. Vice President of Product Management, DDN Storage


Expert Talk

Mr. Dermot O’Driscoll, VP, Product Solutions , Arm



Session IV: Artificial Intelligence and Language Computing

Session Chair: Prof. Anupam Basu, Director, NIT Durgapur

14:00 - 14:30

Keynote address

Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director & Professor of Electrical Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

14:30 - 14:40

Product Launch

TREADS (BNG) Target REeasrch for Anti-epileptic drugs using Data Science

14:40 - 15:30

Panel Discussion

1.       Prof. Anupam Basu, Director, NIT Durgapur.

2.       Dr. Aruna Tiwari Associate Professor Computer Science and Engineering Computational Intelligence/Machine Learning & Big Data Handling Lab Nodal Officer, MeitY,  CSE Faculty Office, Indian Institute of Technology Indore

3.       Shri. Atul Rai, CoFounder & CEO at Staqu Technologies Startup

4.       Prof. Sudip Sanyal, Dean (Engineering), NIIT University (NU)

5.       Prof. Rajeev Sangal, Professor, International Institute of Information Technology, Gachibowli,Hyderabad


15:30 - 15:45

Session Break

Session V: IoE, Dependable and Secure Computing

Session Chair:  Ms. Ananthalakshmi Ammal R, Former Scientist G, C-DAC

15:45 - 16:15

Keynote address

Lt. Gen. (Dr) Rajesh Pant, National Cyber Security Coordinator, Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India

16:15 - 16:25

Product Launch

WebSIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

16:25 - 17:15

Panel Discussion

1.       Shri.  Venkatasubramanian Ramakrishnan, Head - Cyber Security at L&T Smart World & Communication

2.       Dr. Sarat Chandra Babu, Executive Director, SETS, Chennai

3.       Mr. Sachin Lodha, Head, Cybersecurity and Privacy Research, TCS

4.       Dr. Chester Rebeiro, Assistant Professor, IIT Madras

5.       Dr. N. V. Narendra Kumar, Assistant Professor, IDRBT

17:15 - 17:30

Session Break

Session VI: GenNext Applied Computing

Session Chair: Dr. SB Bhattacharyya, MBBS, MBA, FCGP, Founder & CEO, Bhattacharya Clinical Records Research & Informatics LLP (BC2RI)

17:30 - 18:00

Keynote address

Dr. Praveen Gedam, IAS, Mission Director - NDHM & Additional CEO, National Health Authority, MoH&FW, Govt of India

18:00 - 18:10

Product Launch

Aakanksha  (Radiation Treatment Planning System for Brachytherapy)

18:10 - 19:00

Panel Discussion

1.       Shri. S. Ramakrishnan, Former DG C-DAC currently Managing Director, IISAC Private Limited

2.       Dr. Aditya Phatak, General Manager, PierianDx India, Pune  (Health)

3.       Ms. Kirti Seth, Head, FS PRIME, NASSCOM (Education)

4.       Dr. Manoj Singh, Professor, AIIMS New Delhi (Health)


International Conclave Tech Talk


Conclave Tech Talk

Dr. Daniela Rus, Director of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence laboratory (CSAIL) Cambridge, USA


Conclave Tech Talk

Prof.  V S Subrahmanian, Professor, DartMouth, Dept of Computer Sc. USA


Conclave Tech Talk

Dr. Jeff Buchsbaum, MD., Ph.D., A.M, Medical  Officer & Program Director National Cancer Institute (NCI) USA



Valedictory Session

20:30 - 21:00

Panel Discussion

DG, EDs & Centre Heads