C-DAC embarked on its first HPC mission in 1988. Since then, it has delivered a series of supercomputing systems called PARAM series of supercomputers. These include:

PARAM Yuva II (File Type: .pdf, File Size: 2.48MB, Updated on: Jan 2013), the latest in the series, is a eight-core, dual-socket node based hybrid compute cluster with multiple interconnects, compute co-processor, hardware accelerator, high performance storage and supporting softwares for parallel computing. It incorporates C-DAC's in-house technologies including PARAMNet-3 - a High Speed System Area Network, FPGA based hardware accelerators called Reconfigurable Computing System (RCS), a range of Systems and Applications Software components, and Industrial Design and Engineering of the whole system. PARAM Yuva II has sustained performance of 386.71 TF for LINPACK Benchmark and peak performance of 529.4TF. It has high bandwidth storage of 200 Terabytes.