Cloud Computing

C-DAC's research focus in cloud computing includes design and development of Open source cloud middleware; virtualization and management tools; and end-to-end security solution for the cloud. A number of applications in C-DAC are being migrated to Cloud computing technology. These include hospital information systems, disaster recovery, telemedicine, HPC services, language services (like translation), e-governance applications, etc. Considering the related, but complimentary driving forces of grid and cloud computing disciplines, C-DAC is also exploring integration of grid and cloud computing.

C-DAC has developed a complete open source based software stack named 'MEGHDOOT' for setting up a private cloud to offer basic cloud services such as Infrastructure, Platform, and Software services. On demand dynamic provisioning, Metering and Monitoring, Graphical Installation of Middleware stack, Customized Elasticity, and Web service based management of cloud are among the value additions by C-DAC.