INSCRIPT Keyboard Layout

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INSCRIPT Keyboard Layout

When it comes to the use of computers, the options available for data entry are a major concern. For the data entry in Indian languages, the default option is INSCRIPT (INdian SCRIPT) layout. This layout uses the standard 101 keyboard. The mapping of the characters is such that it remains common for all the Indian languages (written left to right). This is because of the fact that the basic character set of the Indian languages is common.

We can divide the characters of Indian language alphabets into Consonants, Vowels, Nasals and Conjuncts. Every consonant represents a combination of a particular sound and a vowel. The vowels are representations of pure sounds. The Nasals are characters representing nasal sounds along with vowels. The conjuncts are combinations of two or more characters. The Indian language alphabet table is divided into Vowels ( Swar) and Consonants (Vyanjan). The vowels are divided into long and short vowels and the consonants are divided into vargs.

The INSCRIPT layout takes advantage of these observations and thus the organization is simple. In the Inscript keyboard layout, all the vowels are placed on the left side of the keyboard layout and the consonants, on the right side. The placement is such that the characters of one varg are split over two keys.

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