C-DAC Indian Language Fonts, Corpora, Dictionaries and Tools

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C-DAC has developed several True Type Fonts (TTFs) and Open Font Format for various Indian Languages. For UNICODE support in various applications, C-DAC has developed Open Type Fonts for various scripts in all 22 official languages. Over 8000 fonts consisting of True Type, Open Type and Bitmap have been produced so far.

In language computing, corpus plays a major role. Aligned corpora provide the basis for extraction of various linguistic resources, and are useful for building translation memory, cross-language information retrieval systems, terminology extraction, etc. C-DAC has also developed dictionaries in collaboration with the Language Boards and Academies of the particular linguistic region.

C-DAC has developed speech corpora along with text for three East Indian Languages viz. Bangla , Assamese and Manipuri. The corpora text has parts of speech, annotation and the speech has phoneme level annotation.

Indian Language Tools

To enable development of Indian language applications with greater ease, C-DAC has developed a plethora of tools including the following:

C-DAC has also developed award winning word processing systems such as iLEAP, LEAP Office and ISM which have brought computing to Indian homes.