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Shruti-Drishti- Advanced Technology for Visually Impaired using a Novel approach of PicDhwani (PIcture and Character Visualization through Sound). The Project has been awarded by Department of Information Technology, Electronics Niketan, New Delhi.

PicDhwani aims at developing a prototype for training software to teach C-DAC-NISAL Language (C-DAC’s Non-Invasive Sound Accessible Lemmatization Language). to the visually impaired students. The tool will enable visually impaired people to recognize the few English characters.

PicDhwani is all about converting a digital picture to sound for visually impaired people to visualize image. In PicDhwani digital image is taken (from Mobile camera) one pixel at a time and each pixel is converted in to sound (Dhwani) by training software/tool installed into mobile handset. This information is used by visually impaired person to create a mental image through the medium of ears (sound) just like naturally sighted human beings use eyes to create a mental image. The format of picking pixels from an image in PicDhwani is like reading English text one by one. Starting from the top left corner to the top right corner, then next row left to right and so on until the last row is reached.


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