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GSM/RF based Wireless Display System / News Flasher


LED Display

This is a LED based wireless display system with dynamic bright display. It has a built-in Indian language engine for displaying highly readable and aesthetically correct fonts. The built-in engine ensures that only character codes are sent to the system instead of the whole bitmap, thus saving valuable wireless bandwidth.

The GSM mobile connectivity empowers this system with a facility to update the display remotely, from anywhere across the world. It provides the facility to simultaneously update all the displays placed anywhere in cities, metros, countries. This endues a great impetus to news agencies, advertising companies for displaying their news or client's products almost immediately.

The connectivity

The System:

The system comes with any of the above connectivity options with configurable display size. In case of wired connectivity, the system also comprises of PC based software for composing, editing Indian language text before sending. This software also provides various inputting methods such as Phonetic, Inscript, and Typewritten for easy inputting.

Other Facilities:

Other display modes like move-in, move-out, scroll up and down and so on.

The above technology can be customized to suit different operating environments such as pre-paid taxi services, fleet management, railway station display's and so on. These displays also can be integrated with GPS device to include location-based services like inside railway bogies, City bus Stops etc.

Indian language Point of Sale Terminal - iPOS


Indian language enabled Display system can be used as a console display for bilingual - alphanumeric information that is easily readable in ambient light. It is ideal for point-of-sale terminals, and a wide range of business and industrial equipment.

Special features:

Display characteristics / Resolution: