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Embedded Products and Solutions

Embedding language engines in Dot/Line Matrix printers

PrinterIndian languages are generally printed in graphics mode through regular Dot / Line matrix printers. This process is very slow and a bottleneck for bulk printing applications. To overcome this limitation, an Indian language engine inclusive of composition logic and specially designed fonts have been developed and embedded in certain printers. This has resulted in Indian language printing at a print speed equal to that of English.

Pocket Translator for Indian languages

A hand held device for people traveling to India and within India. It has instant translation of fixed messages with voice and display output, making it easy to communicate.

Salient features

  • Supports 10 Indian languages along with English.
  • Hundreds of messages in each category such as Travel, Shop, Social, and so on.
  • Instant switching from one language to another
  • Searchable language dictionaries.
  • Voice output for messages of various categories.
  • Enhancement possible to add features like address book, calendar, calculator, and so on.

The GSM mobile connectivity empowers this system with a facility to update the display remotely, from anywhere across the world. It provides the facility to simultaneously update all the displays placed anywhere in cities, metros, countries. This endues a great impetus to news agencies, advertising companies for displaying their news or client's products almost immediately.

Hardware details

  • Based on Motorola's 16 bit processor
  • LCD Graphics display
  • 64 keys keyboard with facility to input Indian language(s)
  • ADPCM for speech output.
  • 2 -4 MB of memory for messages, dictionaries, speech, and so on

Predictive writing in Indian languages

This is a mechanism to input text in Indian languages, using the limited set of keys, available on portable devices such as Mobile phones. It enables the use of communication services such as SMS (short messaging service), wireless Internet access / e-mail on hand held devices in Indian Languages. Herein the user need not type the full word through the key pad, instead the built-in intelligence mechanism will predict the word. The predictive writing mechanism is backed up by domain specific dictionaries, language rules, and so on. The built-in software is able to analyze the messages / words frequently typed by the users and put them on the priority list, to achieve a greater level of prediction. It also offers a facility to update the personal dictionary.

  • Useful for Desktops with full blown keyboard
  • Mobile devices, Laptops, and so on
  • SMS enabled cell phone, WAP enabled Cell Phone, and so on
  • Information kiosks to search for specific information.
  • Required to input address / phone numbers
  • Short Message Service
  • Accessing information regarding reservations, stock market, bank accounts, shares, and so on
  • E-mail text messages from a phone
  • Participate in instant messaging dialogues

Embedding Indian language engines into pagers