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Brief Description

MeghSikshak is an advanced e-learning platform which can be used for offering Massive  Open Online Courses(MOOC) or online courses. It provides flexibility for customization, scalability and high availability for offering various e-learning services with out the need for hardware and software resources at end user premises.
MeghSikshak supports Sharable Content Object Reference Model(SCORM) based content delivery, Question & Test Interoperability(QTI) based online assessment, discussion forum, certificate generation and other communication & collaboration services. It can be used for skill development, capacity building and other  training programmes through e-learning.
MeghSikshak is successfully implemented for Bureau of Police Research & Development(BPR&D), Maharashtra Police Academy(MPA) Nashik, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University(GFSU), Kerala Police Academy(KEPA) etc for training law enforcement agencies. Also, it is used for government officers training as part of Information Security Education Awareness(ISEA).

Salient Features

  1. Free from installation hassles
  2. Support multiple organizations
  3. Customizable graphical user interface as per organization needs
  4. Can be integrated with third party services/APIs with minimal efforts
  5. Easy online registration with account verification
  6. Bulk user registration with password creation link
  7. Access to paid/free courses
  8. Approval system for paid courses
  9. Single Sign On(SSO) facility using Google OR Facebook authentication
  10. Second level authentication using SMS/Email OTP
  11. View current/upcoming/archived courses
  12. Search courses based on keyword
  13. HTML5 compliance
  14. View latest notifications/alerts
  1. Notifications can be sent through email/SMS at desired check points 
  2. Time bound access to online courses
  3. Support e-content formats namely HTML, PDF, Videos(MP4), Youtube videos, SCORM ZIP etc
  4. Assessment using single choice, multiple choice, true or false, sequencing, match the following etc
  5. Bulk uploading question paper using excel file
  6. Self assessment using practice quiz
  7. Final quiz for formal grading
  8. Assignment ceation and evaluation
  9. Online certificate generation
  10. Learner progress tracking
  11. Course specific analytics & reports generation
  12. Send emails to all the registered users from Tenant Admin
  13. Daily course access report
  14. Tenant specific reports

Requirements for accessing MeghSikshak
Learners can use any web browser for accessing online courses hosted on MeghSikshak platform

Hosting & Deployment
MeghSikshak can be deployed on a server or cloud infrastructure

Director, C-DAC Hyderabad
Email – meghsikshak[at]cdac[dot]in

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