C-DAC e-Governance and m-Governance

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C-DAC has been instrumental in supporting the (National e-Governance Plan) NeGP's vision by working on multiple levels. We have been successful in designing and developing the messaging middleware(s) that are core components of eGovernance infrastructure. At central level, successful deployment of National eGovernance Service Delivery Gateway (NSDG) has resulted into replication at the state level Service Delivery Gateways (SSDGs) creating a constellation of messaging gateway exchange. The current architecture of e-Gov Exchange (i.e., the constellation of NSDG, NSD and SSDGs) complements the MSDP. It provides seamless integration with backend departments through the existing eGov Exchange infrastructure.

A number of software solutions were developed and deployed at user organisations over the last many years. These include

C-DAC has developed and deployed various e-Governance applications such as

C-DAC in m-Governance area, is developing various applications for effective governance. Recognising the fast and deep penetration of mobile devices in the Indian geography, a mobile service delivery gateway commonly known as "Mobile Seva" is also implemented by C-DAC. Mobile Seva has been a transforming force in the field of Electronic and Mobile based Governence. A Mobile PKI suite is being developed to integrate with Mobile Seva for Signing and Authentication.