Success Story on Enterprise Systems Management (ESM)

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 Success Story on Enterprise Systems Management (ESM)

How Amoghvikram Oak graduated to the high tech world of System and Network Administration

"......I had decided to learn System and Network Administration for the UNIX Operating System and was searching for such a training opportunity. I wish to work in corporate data-centers by specializing in certain data-centric operations. But for doing so, getting a good startup experience or professional training is absolutely necessary.

I was indeed happy when I came to know about Professional Training for UNIX Administration, conducted by C-DAC, India. I appeared for the entire Course without being absent for a single training session. C-DAC provided all the required resources for learning Sun Solaris and implementing its administrative tasks.

Throughout the training session that lasted for 2.5 months I gained hands-on experience for Solaris Administration on Ultra SPARC systems as well as the Intel Platform. A particular session was arranged for troubleshooting. The technical faculty sincerely conducted these sessions followed by solving of queries, re-explanation of certain tasks and fundamentals that were partly understood.

I was satisfied at the end of the course because I got a good hands-on experience for all the things I had learnt. Moreover, I could diagnose and solve the problems on my own. I was also guided on solving the problems that I was unable to solve on my own.

Then I was a qualified C-DAC Certified System Administrator for the Sun Solaris Operating Environment. This training further helped me in successfully completing the Sun Certification for the Solaris 8 Operating Environment and getting better opportunities. "