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PatnaC-DAC established its 12th R & D center at Patna in March 2020, to work as a Research & Development centre encompassing the latest technologies in AI technologies, Information and Cyber Security, towards its allegiance to build a technically advanced nation.

C-DAC Patna aims to work towards the process of developing and strengthening the skills, abilities, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in this fast-changing world.

Major Activities

  • Establishment of HPC-AI Supercomputing Facility
  • Development of Cyber Security Ecosystem for State of Bihar
  • Development of Indigenous Microkernel for Vega Processor
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Formal Verification and Applied Technology (FVAT)
  • Application of Blockchain in Government Services
  • Quantum Accelerator
  • Sign Language Translation
  • Comprehensive Online Examination System with AI Enabled Proctoring
  • Skin Disease Detection
  • Crop Disease Detection System
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