Centre For Development of Advanced Computing
Centre for Modelling Simulation and Design (CMSD)University of Hyderabad (UoH)
jointly conducted
five days technology workshop
Heterogeneous Computing CPU/GPU HPC Cluster - Algorithms & Performance of Application Kernels

Heterogeneous Computing CPU/GPU HPC Cluster - Algorithms & Performance of Application Kernels (Initiatives on Power Efficiency - Green Computing) (HeGaPa – 2012)” which is scheduled from July 16-20, 2012 at CMSD, UoH The workshop was aimed at understanding performance issues of various application kernels on HPC (High Performance Computing) GPU Cluster based on Multi-Core Processors & GPU Accelerators and AMD APUs.

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HeGaPa-2012 Tech. Prog.:
Day 1 : HPC Custer with GPU Accelerators AMD Prog. on Host-CPUs (MPI, Pthreads, OpenMP); AMD APU APP HP AMD A8-4500K (Trinity) - OpenCL; Heterogeneous Computing - OpenCL - Tuning & Performance Issues.
Day 2 : CUDA - NVIDIA GPUs; CUDA SDK/APIs; CUDA –Tuning & Performance; CUDA Toolkit; NVIDIA - PGI Accelerator Compilers - OpenACC Directives;
Day 3 : HPC GPU Cluster CUDA - GPUs; CUDA 5.0 & PGI Accelerator Compilers with OpenACC Directives - Matrix Comptuations - Applications Streams Concurrent Asynchronization Execution
Day 4 : GPU Cluster - AMD APP SDK AMD APU HP AMD A8-4500K (Trinity) OpenCL Prog.; Perf. of Numerical Linear Algebra Kernels on AMD APUs /GPU Cluster.
Day 5 : Energy Efficiency (Day 5:) Computing : Performance & Power Efficiency; Power Issues in HPC Systems; List of Supercomputers : Graph-500 Benchmarks; Measurements - flop per watt
Apps :
(Day 2-5)
Applications Kernels : Selective Application kernels on HPC GPU Cluster include the following : Image Processing; Dense & Sparse Matrix Comps; Solution of Partial differential Eqs. – FDM-FEM; FFT Lib.; Computational Physics – Monte Carlo Methods ; Bio-Informatics Apps.; Invited lectures on Information Sciences

For more information, Contact Email: hpcfte@cdac.in             Workshop Co-ordinator : vcvrao@cdac.in