Big Data Analytics 2014(BIDA-2014)

Hadoop Graph Analysis | Image & video processing

BIDA-2914 is a National Workshop on Big Data Analytics conducted at CR Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (AIMSCS). University of Hyderabad Campus, Prof. C.R. Rao Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad during August 22-24, 2014, jointly with CMSD, University of Hyderabad, and Computer Society of India. Visit

It was targeted to research scholars, faculty members and industry personnel who work on data analytics and has Master's level training in Statistics / Mathematics / Computer Science. There were lectures and panel discussion by distinguished experts on different aspects of analytics for large data, followed by hands-on laboratory training sessions in Big Data Analytics.

With their ever-increasing volume, velocity and variety, massive datasets pose new challenges, and increasing demands, on computational analysis and data management. The inherent complexity of “Big Data” has forced us to rethink how we can collect, store, combine, view and analyze it in efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner. The BiDA2014 workshop aims to introduce the participants to different aspect of Big Data Analytics through lectures by experts and provide hands-on training with various statistical and computational tools that can be used to perform analytics.

C-DAC, Pune conducted 2 days Laboratory session on Graph analytics and some programming exercises have been taken from abcd-2014 workshop.