SAFEDRIVE (SAFEty alert systems using Dedicated short Range communIcation for on road VEhicles)

Brief Description:
Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) systems are being developed and deployed by many countries for providing vehicle-to-vehicle communication as well as vehicle to roadside communication. As a part of the SAFEDRIVE project, On Board Unit (OBU) & Road Side Unit (RSU) hardware and Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) stack are being developed for providing vehicle-to-vehicle communication as well as vehicle to roadside communication. The products, which are developed, would enable two-way communication that can contribute to safer driving and provide various applications that use the secure vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications and vehicle to roadside infrastructure (V2I) communications.

Main uses and domain

Main use:

DSRC systems can be used for a variety of applications such as vehicle-collision-warning-system, early warning system for vehicles, traffic signal priority for emergency vehicles, roadside alerts, blind curve warning, intersection collision warning, etc.


Features and Technical Specifications


  • Dual DSRC Radio

  • Range up to 400 meters(LoS)

  • Integrated with Bluetooth and GPS

  • USB Interface for external devices

  • Audio/Display alerts for drivers

  • CAN interface

  • 7’’ touch screen Display (optional)

  • Vehicle battery powered

  • Internal Battery backup

  • Supports WAVE standard

  • Multi-channel synchronization

  • Supports switching between control and service channels

  • SDK for application development


  • Dual DSRC Radio

  • Supports WAVE standard

  • Ethernet with POE

  • WiFi Interface

  • Ingress Protection : IP65

  • Pole/Wall mounting

  • 4G LTE Backbone connectivity

  • Power Source : 12V DC/Solar

  • External Sensor Interface: Fog/Rainfall


  • IEEE 802.11p compliant MAC

  • IEEE 1609.4 compliant Multichannel operation

  • IEEE 1609.3 compliant Network services (WAVE Short Message Protocol)

  • IEEE 1609.2 compliant Wireless Security

Platform required(if any) :
Embedded Linux

Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

  1. Shri. Jerry Daniel
    Associate Director,
    C-DAC Trivandrum

  2. Shri Vivek Nainwal
    Principal Technical Officer,
    C-DAC Hyderabad