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Utkarsh Sharma
Course - DAC, February 2017 batch, placed in Ytrre,Inc.
The common campus placement process at C-DAC Pune region is highly disciplined and well-coordinated process. The assistance provided by C-DAC for placement is no doubt more than adequate, but also the coordination and infrastructure of placement venue are highly supportive. I would like to thank CDAC for all of that.
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Vadarevu Raju Duryodhanrao
Course - DAC, February 2017 batch, placed in C-DAC Pune
It is a treat to watch, the way placement coordinators manage and deal with each and every student's query. This actually helps the students to complete their recruitment processes smoothly. Keep up the same good work going. Thanking each and everyone responsible for support.
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Anshuman Gautam
Course - DBDA, February 2017 batch, placed in Wurth IT India Pvt. Ltd.
The guidance and exposure provided by C-DAC are very much appreciable and I feel fortunate enough to have it by my side at the very crucial moment of my career. I am thankful for providing me such impeccable opportunities.
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Kishan Kumar
Course - DBDA, February 2017 batch, placed in Medtronic Pvt. Ltd.
I am glad to be a part of C-DAC which has helped me to stand up on my feet. I owe a lot to all my Mentors in the Training as with their support I've reached such great heights.It was a very good journey at C-DAC. The Placement team was very supportive and enthusiastic and took the genuine pain to place the students in the best possible companies with best salary packages in the market.
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Sandeep Kumar
Course - DBDA, February 2017 batch, placed in Wurth IT India Pvt. Ltd.
It was a great experience for me to be part of C-DAC journey.I learned a lot in all these six and half months, especially in the placement process.I learned to fight back, not to lose hope which I could have learned nowhere else except C-DAC.I used to wake up at 4 o`clock in the morning till I got finally placed after 17 calls. I must thank all who worked so hard for us.Thank you all.
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Durgesh Tiwari
Course - DAC, February 2017 batch, placed in Renishaw Metrology Systems Ltd
This was the superb journey full of knowledge and enthusiasm. For me, the best part is that it made me a proficient programmer from a confused student. Every faculty, every department played its major role to enhance me whether it was teaching staff or placement team. They taught me to struggle not to give up. Now I am proud of being a CDACian. Thanx to my institute, Teachers and to whole CDAC family.
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Jadhav Vipul Shirish
Course - DAC, February 2017 batch, placed in Afour Technologies
I thank C-DAC for giving such novel opportunity to enhance technical knowledge and for overall personality grooming. C-DAC is an excellent institute. The entire placement system and recruitment procedure is a great example of systematic management. I'm really thankful to the entire team of C-DAC (Teaching/Non-Teaching/Technical/Non-Technical/TPO/Admin) for their contribution to my success.
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Mukund Solanki
Course - DAC, February 2017 batch, placed in Siemens Technology & Services Pvt Ltd
C-DAC placement team is taking efforts to get students placed by working day and night, and finally, it reflects in form of joy on student's face when they get placed.... Thank you to the team for their efforts.
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Poonam Goyal
Course - DAC, February 2017 batch, placed in PDG Software India Pvt Ltd
The C-DAC placement process is very difficult but management is so good that it seems to work flawlessly. I sat for 4 companies in a day but didn't find any difficulties. Thanks to all coordinators. I will give my best to the company in which I am placed and will always make can shine as its doing for so many years.
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Shikalgar Anjum Zakirhusen
Course - DAC, February 2017 batch, placed in Prescient Technologies
Thanks a ton to C-DAC.I can't express my feelings just in words. CDAC is one the best journey. You give me an opportunity to grow, learn and improve myself. Commando training and I loved it. Thanks for bringing discipline in my life. I want to thank everyone who directly or indirectly helped and supported me. Thank you so much for taking too many efforts for placement. Thank you all.
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Amit Chavan
Course - PG-DVLSI, August 2016 batch, placed in C-DAC
After my post-graduation with a research in the Image Processing domain, I decided to enhance my knowledge in the field of VLSI Design so that I can continue my research in Hardware based Image Processing using VLSI. So, I chose C-DAC as my destination to excel the knowledge of VLSI Design. The PG-DVLSI course provided me best facilities to learn Basic as well as Advanced VLSI. I got a great chance to handle excellent front-end as well as back-end software as well as hardware. Here we got exposure of current trends in this domain as well, by experienced faculty from VLSI Industry as well as R&D Laboratories. The ACTS Faculty is very cooperative, and very helpful to students. Also, the Placement Assistance provided by C-DAC is also very effective. The Placement Department is very helpful, disciplined and works for the welfare of students from heart. I feel very upgraded after completing my course of PG-DVLSI in terms of knowledge and skills. Proud to be as a C-DAC Alumni..!
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Krupa Mahale
Course - PG-DIoT, August 2016 batch, placed in C-DAC
I have completed PG Diploma in Internet of Things(IoT) which was the pilot batch introduced in August 2016.This course provided a wide range of syllabus which included the latest technologies. Teaching is done considering the industry level expectation.The faculty and staff is very helpful and did their best possible to help students learn. Experience and knowledge got from 6 months of the course is immense.
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Saurabh Ninave
Course - PG-DHPCSA, August 2016 batch, placed in C-DAC
I have completed my graduation from G.H.Raisoni College of Engineering Nagpur. I pursued my Post graduate Diploma In High performance Computing.This course help me to learn the different aspect of Supercomputing & Hadoop Administration. Now I am working as Project Engineer in CDAC,Pune.My field of Interest lies in High performance Computing System Administration and hadoop Administration.
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Swapnil Sunil Ninave
Course - PG-DHPCSA, August 2016 batch, placed in C-DAC
Like every other IT Engineer who dreamed about his career in Fortune 500 companies , after my Graduation From RTM Nagpur University in 2012 ,I did the same and joined IT Company. But as said “Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights” after 4 years of service in IT Companies I felt a need to upgrade myself with new technologies and seek admission to Post Graduate Diploma in High Performance Computing System Admin from Advanced Computing Training School, C-DAC Pune (Aug 2016 batch).CDAC with new own building now has new approaches towards National Supercomputing Mission. I got good knowledge with parallel programming concepts with the faculties here in CDAC. Continuous efforts from all ACTS groups like Co-ordinator, Placement ,Faculties ,as well as from supporting staff to provide quality education is the key feature of CDAC-ACTS Pune.
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Harpreet Kour
Course - DAC, August 2016 batch, placed in Siemens Technology and Services.
I would like to thank C-DAC and all the placement coordinators for their support and motivation. The Placement Process is very good. The Placement team works incredibly for the success of students. Thank you C-DAC.
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Chaitanya Dehankar
Course - DAC, August 2016 batch, placed in Axis Bank Pvt. Ltd.
The placement process in C-DAC is really good. The only thing is that students need to focus on aptitude and basic concepts of subjects. Otherwise, the placement team is really providing good opportunities to all the students. Thank you.
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Ravinder Kamboj
Course - DAC, August 2016 batch, placed in TechMahindra
The preparation of the placement throughout the course is quite useful during the placement program. The dedication of the placement team is admirable. Discipline followed by the placement team is one of its kind and also helpful for all the queries. The scheduling is followed properly and the coordination is outstanding. Thanks to all who made the Common Campus Placement Programme possible. Thank you all.
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Ganesh Bhaskar Khillari
Course - DMC, August 2016 batch, placed in Nokia Alcatel-Lucent
The Common Campus Placement Programme organized by C-DAC was excellent. The placement coordinators did a great job in arranging campus, managing the whole process, coordination and communication with students. They give very useful advice to students before and after the company process. They motivate students regularly. Finally, I like to say thanks to C-DAC for giving me chance to become a part of such professional activity.
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Ankit Shrivastava
Course - DMC, August 2016 batch, placed in ATMECS Technologies
I am thankful to all the coordinators and the placement team at C-DAC for providing me a platform to enhance my skills and to get placed, as I had four years of gap in my education.
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Unmil Bind
Course - DITISS, August 2016 batch, placed in ATMECS Technologies
It was a good experience in the placement process. As we saw a number of efforts put by the whole placement team were marvelous. I appreciate all your efforts taken. This is the best that any institute can do for their students. Thank you.
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Vikrant Kukreja
Course - DITISS, August 2016 batch, placed in Qualys Security Tech Services
The C-DAC team is really doing an impeccable job. I really would appreciate the way you people are managing the students. The collaboration of hard work and smart work make them really loving. I am highly grateful to my placement team. I never expected this kind of assistance. Highly appreciable work is being done by the team.
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Shubham Kumar Mittal
Course - DESD, August 2016 batch, placed in Scope T&M Pvt. Ltd.
My experience at C-DAC has been unforgettable from the start! My level of thinking totally changed after coming here. As C-DAC provided me requisite knowledge and skills to adapt to the corporate life. It is indeed a good feeling to get placement through the Campus as it boosts ones moral and self –esteem.
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Thomurothu Praveen Sai
Course - DESD, August 2016 batch, placed in Giesecke & Devrient India Pvt Ltd
I would like to convey my regards and thanks to all the placement coordinators for their help in my placement. The Placement Process here in C-DAC is very transparent. Thank you CCPP!!
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Ankur Vijay
Course - DVLSI, August 2016 batch, placed in Xilinx India
My experience of CCPP was quite a wonderful. After giving the interview, I got to know the level of knowledge which I required, and how much more I have to learn to stay in this field. I am thank-full to C-DAC for providing me with the best ever opportunity in one of the top company and yes empowering me with the eminence knowledge that I was able to get my placed secured my future.
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Vishal Vaishnav
Course - DVLSI, August 2016 batch, placed in Cerium Systems Pvt Limited
Six months spent in C-DAC open your door for personal and academic development. I was really lucky to get placed in Cerium Systems Pvt Ltd. as I belong to VLSI domain and there are few opportunities for fresher's in the market. I am grateful to the members of the Placement team for getting a good number of companies for VLSI domain.
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Abhinav Chaturvedi
Course - DAC, February 2016 batch, placed in Eze Software Group
In C-DAC Common Campus Placement Programme, a good number of calls are given to all the students with handsome opportunities. All the coordinators follow effective time management and coordination policy in handling the placement drive, especially when more than one company is scheduled in a single day. I sincerely thank C-DAC and its placement team.
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Anshul Singh
Course - DAC, February 2016 batch, placed in Cybage Software
C-DAC placement cell provides a good platform to start a career in IT domain in reputed companies. I am really grateful to them for training me according to the company needs and providing placement opportunities.
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Kapile Nikhil Kishorrao
Course - DAC, February 2016 batch, placed in AMDOCS
No "Dish" tastes good until it is cooked completely on fire. Besides our academics and bookish knowledge, we should also know how to present that knowledge. The Common Campus Placement Program by C-DAC gives us the feeling of completeness. The Creative Teaching techniques, fun filled classes & above all eye-opening facts are very useful to me. I am Proud to be a part of C-DAC...I personally thank all the teachers and placement coordinators for their support.
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Kumar Gandharva Aman Tripathi
Course - DAC, February 2016 batch, placed in Resilinc Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
I heartily appreciate the efforts made by C-DAC Placement team, this success of mine is equally shared by C-DAC as well. I could see C-DACdedication and commitment from the first day itself for the upliftment of students. Our mutual efforts have brought me this success and I will be thankful to you for the lifetime. Thanks a ton C-DAC. Also as far as the placement process is concerned, honestly speaking, it is a hectic process, but there are obvious reasons for and I understand that managing 1000 students is a mammoth task. And you people made this possible. All being said, I would like to thank you again and will ensure you that I will grab most of this opportunity bestowed by C-DAC.
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Patel Bhavik Ashwin
Course - DBDA, February 2016 batch, placed in Yash Technologies
Firstly, hats off to the placement team!! Managing such a huge placement process is a tough task and C-DAC placement team has been dedicated in their work all the time. Thank you for being a part of our happiness. Great Job! Keep up the strict nature! I really do appreciate the assistance provided by this team and I know you will keep this spirit and get all students placed.
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Course - PGDAC, February 2015 batch, placed in Scalable Architecture
C-DAC paved my way into the software industry. Today I work confidently in a fast paced start-up environment with talented people from top engineering institutes in India. The highly competitive culture in C-DAC nourished me well enough to stand in industry successfully. I am deeply thankful and can say loudly that joining C-DAC was the best decision after engineering.
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Pradeep Tripathi
Course - PGDAC, February 2015 batch, placed in Quantiphi Analytics
It gives me great pleasure to give back something to my institute in the form of a vote of thanks for making me establish myself in the corporate world with ease. It would not have been possible without the support which I got from the faculty of C-DAC, my fellow students, ever inspiring course coordinator and placement officer. The high level of education and practical training imparted throughout the course to handle management challenges and situations helped me not only to get the best knowledge but also the best campus placement in a good organization. I would again like to thank C-DAC for building my career and making me a pillar which can cement itself anywhere in the Industry.
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Nilesh Surve
Course - PGDMC, August 2015 batch, placed in Atos India
More than talent it's the ethics, attitude, and passion to perform which helps one in long term. This is what, I believe, C-DAC’s focus.
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Nitesh Joshi
Course - PGDAC, August 2015 batch, placed in In-Solutions Global
C-DAC is the Best Institute across India and is known for its Excellence. C-DAC has best facilities under one roof – R & D Department, professional faculties, well stocked libraries, good computer labs, Best Placement Cell. It helped me to start my professional career and very grateful to be a part of C-DAC family.
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Amaan Saifan
Course - PGDAC, August 2014 batch, placed in Mobileum India
C-DAC gave exposure on all technical aspects in a short period of time. C-DAC helped me to push my logical, coding and communication skills to next level. Apart from technical things, we did celebrate events and festival with great enthusiasm. I would recommend all to join C-DAC, if you are looking for homely environment with 24x7 availability of labs and professors.
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Soumya S
Course - PGDAC, August 2014 batch, placed in 3i Infotech
C-DAC is the place where I reinvented a better myself. It transformed me into a professional and confident individual. I was a part of PGDAC course, August 2014 batch. Being there, I got a better perspective of industry, for which I would like to thank all my mentors in C-DAC. The curriculum is holistic and faculty members are enlightening. Apart from technical education, C-DAC emphasizes on improving communication skills, team building and leadership qualities.C-DAC placement ensure maximum placements in all the batches. They guide and motivate each and every student to excel in professional life. I am proud to be a part of C-DAC.
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