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Expression of Interest(EOI)

Usage of High Performance Computing Facilities installed under National Supercomputing Mission (NSM) at affordable rates for Start-ups and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Supercomputers are strategic in the most important sense, namely, the creation of an ecosystem that extends well beyond the boundaries of Science and Technology and has the capacity to transform the country. Supercomputers have made a significant impact on scientific research, technology innovation, economic and social development, and even on the day-to-day life of common people.

National Supercomputing Mission (NSM) was launched by the Government of India in April 2015 to connect national academic and R&D institutions over already existing high bandwidth National Knowledge Network (NKN) to access High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities of varying compute capacities ranging from TeraFLOPs to PetaFLOPs. NSM is jointly steered by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Department of Science and Technology and implemented by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing and the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

A total of fifteen (15) supercomputing systems ranging from compute power of 833TF to 5.2 PF have already been commissioned and are operational at various research, academic and scientific institutes across India.

More details and technical configuration of the installed HPC and HPC-AI systems is available at:

The National Supercomputing systems are catering to the scientific community in an extensive manner by making state-of-the-art compute infrastructure and software ecosystems available to researchers and scientists. Many application areas such as flood prediction, seismic-based oil exploration, urban air modelling, CFD simulations, life sciences, and AI/ML/DL have benefitted from the PARAM Supercomputing Systems. The systems have been used by more than 2200 users from nearly 100 academic and scientific institutions.

Apart from the above supercomputing facilities, under the aegis of National Supercomputing Mission, PARAM SIDDHI AI is launched as first HPC-AI Super Computer in India.

The purpose of this EOI is to offer all these HPC and AI systems at an affordable rates to the industries which requires a compute power in their respective area of work.

Start-ups and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in country are invited to reap the benefit of such state-of-the-art supercomputing systems which are being offered at a reasonable rates. This will empower the start-ups, MSME, industry, academia and research institutes to position India as global hub of innovation. It will provide secure, flexible, scalable and holistic solution with assured quality technical expertise. This capability would definitely achieve world-class stature for India and will position India better on the global supercomputing map.

C-DAC remains committed to provide a state-of-the-art HPC infrastructure that will prove immensely beneficial for various sectors of national importance such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Space, Defense, Research Community, Manufacturing Industry and MSMEs of the country.

Offerings from C-DAC

  • Access will be provided to the agencies on First-cum-First-Serve basis as per the availability of resources.
  • Approved MSMEs and Start-up may get preferential access to the resources.
  • Access to high-power compute facilities spread across the nation.
  • The user agency may get the resource situated nearby their geo-graphical location.
  • Technical support and services for the systems shall be provided by C-DAC.
  • Pre-Optimised HPC and AI models to Compress/reduce development time & efforts for the users.
  • Economize on licensing expenses
  • Automated job scheduling
  • Access to humongous high throughput multi-tier storage and optimized network
  • C-DAC may provide services towards application porting and performance tuning with separate commercials on case to case basis.

Information to be furnished by the beneficiary Organization/MSME/Start-up

Sr. No. Information heading Details
1 Name of the organization/MSME/Start-up  
2 Name, designation, e-mail and mobile number of contact person  
3 Address of Head Office/Registered Office  
4 Details of Brach offices, Regional Offices, if any  
5 Total number of employees on roll  
6 Nature of Business  
7 Details of products, technologies or services presently dealt by the company  
8 List of the existing HPC-AI applications being used by the company. (Open Source / Commercial)  
9 List of the HPC-AI applications intended to be used by the company. (Open Source/Commercial) To be submitted as an Annexure.
10 Details of the computational resources required. (CPU, GPU, Memory, Storage etc.) To be submitted as an Annexure.
11 Any other information  

Charging Mechanism for using HPC-AI Compute Resources

The charges for the HPC resources shall be levied as stated under:

Type of Resource Charges* (Exclusive of Taxes)
Per CPU Core 0.96 Per Hr
Per V100 GPU card 42 Per Hr
Per A100 GPU card (PARAM Siddhi-AI) 160 Per Hr ( 170 Per Hr)
Storage Allocation of 1TB Rs. 350/Month

*Taxes Extra as applicable.

Complimentary Benefits on Registration

  • C-DAC shall offer the CPU resources up to 360 Hrs or ONE Month whichever is earlier.
  • GPU resources: Up to 48 GPU Hours or Five (05) days whichever is earlier.


Monthly Quarterly Six Month Yearly
40% 42% 45% 50%


User organization shall be required to sign the end-user certificate as per the usage policy of C-DAC at the time of registration.

Contact Details:

Interested parties may send their inquiries to: msme-nsm[at]cdac[dot]in