SHRUTHI Programming Software for TARANG Hearing Aids

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The programming platform consists of a programming interface and the programming software SHRUTHI.

SHRUTHI is an application software that includes an audiometric and fitting module for customising the TARANG Hearing Aid for a patient according to his/ her hearing characteristics.

The programming interface is an hardware interface which is connected to the USB port of a computer which runs the SHRUTHI software.

Download Brochure

(File Format: PDF, Size: 7.19MB, Date: 21/11/2014)

The programming interface can be ordered online by clicking on the 'Order Online' button below. The SHRUTHI software can be downloaded from the link below:

Download SHRUTHI (zip)

(File Format: ZIP, Size: 15.7MB, Date:29/02/2016)

TARANG has to be customized by an Audiologist according to the individual's hearing loss, using SHRUTHI, a PC based programming platform, to provide near normal hearing to the patient.

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